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Saturday, October 30th
In mourning the tens of thousands of lives lost, we demand Speaker Pelosi take actions to support the passage of Medicare for All into law!

On Saturday, October 30, 2021, we will be mourning the unnecessary deaths of 68,000 Americans annually due to lack of healthcare and also the estimated 285,000+ deaths for the same reason since the beginning of the pandemic.

We will gather at Alta Plaza Park in the Presidio neighborhood of San Francisco at 12 noon. Protesters will be asked to "dress as if you were attending a funeral." We will carry a life-size coffin with the number "68,000" painted in red in the style of a funeral procession to Speaker Nancy Pelosi's residence.

In front of Speaker Nancy Pelosi's residence, which is arguably the most haunted place in SF, for her refusal and neglect to take action in the face of so many deaths in the United States of America, we will have a speaker lineup of local activists, representing medical professional, communities of color, immigrants, LGBTQ+ communities and leaders in SF neighborhoods which have been most affected by COVID-19 deaths.

March for Medicare for All

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Medicare for All

March for Medicare for All
Map House
House of Representatives Obstructionist Members

We will be adding Congress people as quickly as possible to expose the bad actors who are directly preventing the floor vote for Medicare for All.
We will be heard and we will win. #TheTimeIsNow

We Are Filing the United Nations Violation
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We know providing comprehensive, quality healthcare to everyone in the United States is the right thing to do. It is the duty of our government to provide for our health.

What could be more essential to a prosperous country than that country providing for the health of its people? If you believe as we do, that healthcare is a human right, then you must agree that, by our country willfully not providing that care, they are violating that right.

We are gathering personal stories of struggle caused by this terrible human rights violation to present to the United Nations. We have been trying for decades to remove this embarrassing stain from our international face. It's high time the world knows where the people of the United States stand on this matter. We are suffering and dying every day because of the inefficient and cruel for-profit insurance industry. Enough is enough! We all see it now, and we are telling the world!

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March for Medicare for All

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